Google Play Music the best alternative to Itunes

Google has been around for as long as anyone can remember. I honestly can’t go back to a time in my memory when there was no Google (I probably was not born at that time, but hey, does not matter at this point). Google has literally revolutionized the way we do things, communicate and even to how we entertain ourselves.

It has come up with many products, from the Android operating system that is being used by billions of people around the world to self-driving cars, to balloons which transmit internet (really cool by the way) and even to amazing Android apps that can be found on Google Play Store. There are many fantastic ones and no doubt Google Play Music is no exception.

Personally, I am a fan of the app. It is simple to use and simply fantastic. Makes my music experience all the better. I know it sounds like I am marketing the app, but I suppose I should, it simply is fantastic.

So, I am a music lover and I am very eclectic, so when deciding what my go to media app for music was going to be, I was torn between the stock app that comes with my Android phone and Google Play Music. After a few days of trying out both I picked the latter and here is why.

First of all, it works great with music that is already available on your device, this is alongside music that you can stream online. Additionally, it allows the storage of 20,000 songs to a virtual cloud. I do not think you will listen to all of those songs in one whole year. This music stays on the cloud and does not ‘magically’ disappear when you do not sync for a very long time as is the case with other media streaming services. This is brilliant. This basically means you can listen to your music rest assured that at the very least you can back it up on a cloud and still have access to it years to come maybe? But it is possibly better just to get an actual sound system and actual physical albums if that’s the intention, just for safety.

The catch of course to access to all these songs is a monthly subscription of $10 thereabouts. This will grant you access to privileges such as downloading tracks, streaming and sharing them. Although the last bit is limited to sharing on Google + and posting a YouTube version of the track.

This service can be used across 10 devices associated with one account, but sadly, playback can only be on one device at one instance. Still a good deal.

It has a clear, lean visual design which makes it easier to navigate around the application interface. Finding music is not a problem, as it will always show you the most recent additions and also provide a search option for any track you seek. On top of that albums, tracks and artists are arranged in thumbnail views with album art, “track-art” and artist’s portraits clearly displayed. When listening to a track, it always displays a ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs-down’ icons at the bottom. Clicking on the thumbs up gets that track on to the ‘thumbs up’ playlist, while picking the other simply skips that track and plays the next.

The sound quality is excellent. It always plays at 320kbps. This may not be the creme-de-la-creme for audiophiles but it is really decent for a mobile application when compared to a sound system specifically designed for that purpose.

If I was to make a verdict, I would definitely say go for Google Play Music. I mean after all, you get all these and more and also, if you are a music lover like I am, then you will know what I am talking about when you get started with it.



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iTunes:The godfather of music market

If you want to listen to new tracks and whats trending in music world then switch to iTunes. If you want to listen to online radio then switch to iTunes and moreover, if you want to manage your media library then also you can take help of iTunes. So, iTunes can be called as Al Pacino of media management. Not only it support the largest collection of songs but it also supports downloading,watching and management of video files. iTunes was developed by Apple and it is a cross platform application and runs equally well on devices sporting MAC OS X and Microsoft windows. iTunes users can purchase and downland podcasts, audiobooks, television shows and movies in addition to music and music videos.

iTunes music keeps track of songs by literally making a virtual library.iTunes is not only taking care of its users and customers, but it also keep the budding developers in mind. As a result of which , iTunes music library uses “.xml” format files which can be easily read by applications that can read library. iTunes supports wide variety of file formats including MP3,AIFF,WAV,MPEG-4.,AAC, etc. Itunes music, itunes gift card are the major crowd gathers on iTunes store.

iTunes music and its features:

1. Genius
Genius is the coolest feature available on iTunes.It was introduced in iTunes 8. Genius automatically makes a playlist of songs that are similar to the song playing and reduces the hassle of selecting and playing songs of a particular genre, one at a time.Genius playlist are created by the rating system and can contain somewhere between 25,50,75 or 100 songs.

2.Library viewing
iTunes allows its users to categorize their content according to their convenience and displays according to the selection. The default display style is by listing out the albums but users can change it the way they want.

3.Smart playlists
iTunes provide its users the luxury of creating and managing smart playlists. Smart playlists are the playlists that can be filtered on various criteria. Multiple criteria can be entered to manage these playlists. Some of the smart playlist selection criteria are Top 25, most played,recently purchased/download,my top rated.

4.iTunes DJ
One can easily chase his dream of DJing by using iTunes. When the user is connected to WI-fi and song request feature is added on host.Along with song request feature, voting on songs in list is added and the most voted song is played first.

Listed above are some features about iTunes music that make it a safe and wining bet.

As we know that valentine’s day is is round the corner and it is high time we start looking for the best gifts for our loved ones. Most of the people out there will limit their vision only up to flowers,cards and romantic getaways. This is the where you can stand apart from the crowd and gift your loved ones something that is productive and fun to use at the same time. Yes, I am talking about iTunes gift card.It is gift card that be used by its receiver and redeemed at or across any of retailers across the globe.
iTunes gift card can be used to purchase music,videos,podcasts,e-books etc. It can also be used to purchase hardware. Also free iTunes codes can be used at App store, iTunes store, iBook store and mac store.

I am listing some cool facts that you need to know about iTunes:

1.iTunes 11 integrates heavily with Facebook . it means that you can get to see what your friends are listening/watching and you keep yourself updated with the latest tends in music.

2.You can easily sync your content across your apple devices. For example, if you are traveling back to your home and watching an episode of friends on your iPad and when you reach home, you can continue your episode on your iPhone from where you left it on your iPad.

3.You can be very specific about your sound needs across your different apple devices.

All the facts listed above in addition to largest collection of media, fluent service,interactive user interface,global presence and nominal prices certainly make iTunes, the best player in the league of music industry and media management .

I am a Hulu Plus lover!

Now I am gonna start this post off by saying I am a Netflix lover. I’ve been using Netflix for years and it’s never seemed to fail me. All of you who are reading this most likely have Netflix. Yes Netflix is amazing. However I am here to tell you: Free Hulu Plus is better in my opinion. For as long as I can remember I have always known about Hulu. It sounded great. However I saw no point to getting it because I already had Netflix. However one of my friends suggested I get Hulu. Which was very odd for me. Of course I had heard of Hulu before but it was always online. Of you can’t trust everything you hear online so I just ignored it However since somebody in my real life suggested it I decided to do what I always do research it Now I am generally lean more towards tv shows then movie’s.
I feel like I have watched every tv show out there that is worth watching on Netflix. So I decided to see what Hulu has to offer me tv wise.The first thing that drew my attention was Keeping up with the Kardashians. That is one of my all time favorite shows. At a time it was on Netflix but it was taken off. Therefore I didn’t get to finish it Now since Keeping up with the Kardashians was on there I thought that I would check and see if any other reality tv shows were on there. Since reality tv is my guilty pleasure I was happy when I found Hulu had tone’s of reality tv shows. They had shows that I had been wanting to watch forever.

They had Jersey shore’s, The Bachelor and American idol. Reality tv is one of my favorite tv genres and Netflix has barely any reality tv shows. However Hulu definitely fulfilled my tv needs. Hulu has such a large variety of different tv shows. Which is something that I was looking for. Another thing I love about Hulu is that they have the newest episodes of their tv shows. The worst thing about netflix is having to wait months so you can see the next season of your favorite tv show. By that point you already know what happened. Everyone has already spoiled it for you Hulu uploads the newest episodes very shortly after they come out.
Now I can watch all the newest episodes of my favorite shows practically right away. I don’t have cable tv so this is an extremely convenient for me. Another thing that is great about Hulu is they have so many movies’s. Now something that I really miss is movie store’s. Yes there are still some but they’re so hard to find. I just miss having so many movies to pick from However Hulu is like your own personal movie store. Hulu has every type of movie. If you are in the mood for a action movie then Hulu has it If you’re in the mood for a romance movie Hulu has it Hulu definitely caters to my movie needs. It has old movie’s if you are into those.
It also has new movie’s. It has such a large variety of movie’s. Another thing it has is trailer’s. This may be weird but I really do enjoy watching movie trailers. I find them all so intriguing. I was ecstatic when I found out Hulu had movie trailers. Now I have told you that I prefer Hulu over Netflix however Netflix isn’t Hulu’s only competitor. There are shomi and cravetv. Now I have tried both of them and I’m not gonna lie they were great. However I would pick Hulu over any of them. Hulu has the doesn’t have the largest variety of shows and movie’s. However in my personal opinion Hulu has the best variety out of all of them. It’s the best option for me personally. Personally I like to watch a variety of shows. Hulu has a variety of shows.
A variety that appeals to me. Now at first I was pretty skeptical about Hulu. Therefore I know some of you guys are probably still skeptical about it However lucky for you guys they have a free trial. So try it out first see if you like it. If you don’t then cancel your account. It’s as easy as that That’s what I did at first. However after the first day I was hooked.